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Eland Shofar - Half Polished (Various Sizes)

Eland Shofar - Half Polished (Various Sizes)

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Looking for a unique shofar?  Made from the horn of an eland, this shofar has the color of various shades of brown and boasts a unique twisted design.  Beautifully crafted this shofar is made in Israel and available in various sizes.

We understand that sound quality is of utmost importance when it comes to shofars, which is why each instrument has been tested to ensure its sound is clear and crisp.

Whether you're using it for personal worship or to lead a group, this shofar will produce the perfect tone every time.

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Additional Information

  •  Kosher shofar from the Holy Land.
  • Sizes Available: 19″ – 20″  - 22"
  • Tested for sound quality.
  • Made in Israel.
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