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Eilat Stone Pen Holder

Eilat Stone Pen Holder

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SKU: MG137

This exquisite Eilat stone pen holder is a unique and stylish addition to any desk or workspace. The pen holder is made from genuine Eilat stones that are carefully encased in high-quality resin, creating a stunning visual display of nature's beauty.

Our Eilat Pen Holder is imported from Israel and is incredibly unique. Make this a staple office item to brighten up your desk.

Made in Israel

Additional Information

  • Eilat Stone in resin
  • Size: L 2" x W 1 1/4" x H 1 1/4"
  • Made in Israel
  • Eilat stone is a rare and highly prized gemstone that is found in the southern region of Israel, near the city of Eilat from which it derives its name. It is a type of copper-bearing mineral that consists of a combination of various minerals, including chrysocolla, turquoise, azurite, and malachite. The unique combination of minerals in Eilat stone gives it a distinctive and attractive appearance, with colors ranging from shades of blue and green to brown and black. It is considered a semi-precious stone and is highly valued for its beauty and rarity.

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