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Multi Dictionary (for English Speakers) - Imperfect

Multi Dictionary (for English Speakers) - Imperfect

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This dictionary is for English speakers studying Hebrew. You can look up a word in Hebrew and find its meaning in English along with a Hebrew usage example. You can also look up a word in English and find its meaning in Hebrew.  

As a learner's dictionary this dictionary's most valued asset lies in its structure and the abundance of relevant information which accommodates the specific needs of the beginner as well as the advanced student.

Perfect for the serious Hebrew student, the multi-dictionary is comprised of a wide range of entries, expressions, and idioms, which reflect the multi-faceted linguistic inventory of modern Hebrew. Signs and Abbreviations - Word lists by subject - Verb tables - Interpersonal communication - Medical terms - Holidays and customs - Foreign words common to Hebrew and English. The most comprehensive dictionary for serious students!

English-Hebrew & Hebrew-English

*Edges show wear and small tear in the cover at the top of binding


Additional Information

The information in the dictionary consists of:

  • Definitions and examples - simple definitions accompany each entry and the examples stem from contemporary daily usage. They serve as a model for active use in addition to the passive understanding of the words.
  • Spelling and vocalization - The entries are introduced once without vowel marks, followed by a fully vocalized spelling in order to aid the reader in pronouncing the words properly. Elsewhere in the definition and the expressions, vocalization is marked only when heard.
  • Stress - Words in which the stress is penultimate (which constitute a minor lexical group) are marked above the relevant syllable.  All the rest, which are stressed on the last syllable, are not marked for this feature at all.
  • Verbs - Verbs are listed in third person past tense. Following the definition and example, additional verbal forms are presented together with their requisite prepositional and accusative forms (if such exist). The root form and the "binyan" (verbal paradigm) are also included.  In order to further help the learner, a separate index of all the infinitives is provided.  They are listed in alphabetical order and are translated into English.
  • Nouns - Nouns are listed in the singular masculine form, followed by grammatical gender.  The plural form is given next to the word in brackets.  Adjectives are presented in the singular-masculine form.  At the bottom of each entry is the feminine as well as the plural form.
  • The Translation - The translation takes into account the special problems of the native speaker of English in his encounter with Hebrew as a second/foreign language. It offers an effective tool for clarifying the precise meaning of words. The English is mostly American in its usage and so is the spelling.
  • Appendices - These include the following: Thematic lists of words, a lexicon of cognates (borrowed words which are common to both languages), an interpersonal communication lexicon, verb tables. and an English-Hebrew dictionary. This last feature is especially useful: It provides not only a translation but marks the page number of the entry in case more information is required.


  • Hebrew Preface
  • Signs & Abbreviations
  • Hebrew-Hebrew-English Dictionary
  • Word Lists By Subjects
  • Verb Tables
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Medical Terms
  • Holidays and Customs
  • Verbs Listed According to the Infinitive
  • Foreign Words common to Hebrew and English
  • English-Hebrew Dictionary
  • English Preface


916 pages

soft cover 

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