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Classic Chanukiah with Blue Accent

Classic Chanukiah with Blue Accent

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This elegant menorah with hammered accents is a modern twist on a classic design and is perfect for celebrating the Festival of Lights.  With its smooth lines and hammered accents, it emits timeless elegance that will enhance your holiday celebrations for years to come. The Menorah is nickel-plated and conveniently sized to fit in almost any space, making it suitable for college students or individuals with small living spaces.

This Menorah makes a great gift and is sure to be a hit among recipients.

Additional Information

  • Size:  7 1/2" W X 8" H
  • Material:  Metal

Care Instructions to clean wax from menorah:

  • Pour hot water directly on the wax to loosen
  • Do not soak menorah in water
  • To avoid damaging the menorah, do not try to remove wax by any other method.
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