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Yemenite Shofar Necklace (Silver Color)

Yemenite Shofar Necklace (Silver Color)

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Wear with pride this beautiful necklace displaying a Yemenite Shofar.

The cry of the shofar is used throughout the Bible for several different purposes. Its sound announces the call to assemble, the ushering in of the New Year (Rosh Hashanah), to usher in the biblical festivals, and also at its sound the dead in Messiah will rise.

The Hebrew word Shofar is called a trumpet in modern bibles.

Rhodium-plated metal.

Additional Information

Yemenite Horn Shofar Necklace

Rhodium plated metal

Width: 0.2" / 5 mm
Length: 2.0" / 52 mm

Chain Length: 18" / 45cm



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