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Lev Shelo:  Or HaOlam:  Holy Land, Christian, Hebrew Heritage, Worship Music,  (CD136)

Lev Shelo: Or HaOlam

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17songs in a blending of Hebrew and English. 



Or HaOlam by Lev Shelo

Lev Shelo means "His heart" in Hebrew.  

"It is not enough that you are merely my servant to raise u the tribes of Ya'akov and restore the offspring of Isra'el.  I will also make you a light to the nations, so my salvation can spread to the ends of the earth."  Yesha'Yahu (Isaiah) 49:6

  1. Halo Yadata (Have You Not Known)
  2. HaTov Shimcha
  3. Elohai
  4. V;haer Einenu
  5. YYigdal Elohim Chai
  6. Bar'chu
  7. Kadosh Atah (You Are Holy)
  8. Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father Our King)
  9. Sh'ma
  10. T'filat La'Adon
  11. Yeshua El Yakar
  12. Osse Shalom Bimromav
  13. Sing Praises To The Lord
  14. Blessed
  15. Let The Weight Of Your Glory Fall
  16. Hava Nagila
  17. Sh'ma (Instrumental)



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