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Israel - The Land in Controversy, Christian, Holy Land, Hebrew Heritage, (PB189)

Israel - The Land in Controversy By Claude Ezagouri


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Written at a time when Israel is being criticized by the world media.



Israel - The Land in Controversy By Claude Ezagouri

Israel, The Land in Controversy a Biblical Approach

In this book Claude Ezagouri deals with very burning issues concerning the land of Israel in depth with great faith and boldness, unveiling some precious pearls in the word of God. He uses the scriptures to demolish common strongholds, bring a solemn wake-up call to the Church concerning Israel and also a great hope for both Christians and Jews who courageously and faithfully stick to God's word for the end times.


This book has been written at a time when Israel is being scrutinized and criticized by the world media.  It is no secret that in history the Jewish people have continually been the focus of attack, whether physically, culturally or spiritually.  There always seemed to be a reason why the Jews deserved torture, deportation, destitution or even annihilation.  During the Second World War Hitler was convinced that the Jews went too far in their control of Europe and there had to be a final solution.  What ensued after that was one of the most horrific acts of hatred and cruelty in the history of the human race.  After the war, almost everyone in the whole world was convinced that the Jewish people had been at least unfairly treated.  Therefore the nations thought it wise to give them, who had wandered from country to country for close to 2000 years, a land where they would live in peace and govern their own affairs.  However as soon as the Jews regained claim of the land of their forefathers in 1948, they encountered the fierce opposition of their surrounding enemies.  At that time the borders of Israel were hardly the ones that had been agreed upon by the United Nations, which tells us that the enemies' belligerence was not based on a territorial dispute but rather on their utter refusal of the Jews' possession of even an inch of land in the Middle East.


  1. Understanding the concept of the land
  2. The land and its people
  3. The promise of the land
  4. Peace or war
  5. God's plan for and through Israel on her Land


About the Author:  Claude Ezagouri was born in Algeria from a Sephardic Jewish background. He and his wife Michelle emigrated to Israel from France as fervent Zionist Jews in 1975.  In the early eighties, while still Jewish Claude undertook a spiritual journey through the eastern religions and different kinds of transcendental meditation. In 1983 he received Jesus as His Jewish Messiah when listening to an evangelistic radio program directed to Israel from South Lebanon. After participating in numerous evangelistic campaigns destined to reveal Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah to his people, in 1990 Claude received God's call to start and pastor the Morning Star Messianic Fellowship in Tiberias, Israel. He has been an international speaker for over 20 years and has taught about Israel and the Church, the land and the nation of Israel in God's plan for the end times, the Jewish biblical roots of the Church and several other topics. He is also a member of the board of "Intercessors for Israel" and has a heart for intercession on behalf of Israel and the Galilee.

204 Pages
Soft Cover

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