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Israel The Apple of God's Eye, Christian, Holy Land, Hebrew Heritage, (PB098)

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Israel The Apple of God's Eye


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Your Purchase Supports Israeli Families

Promises for Israel in the past, present and future.



Israel The Apple Of God's Eye

God has a plan with this world, and the ultimate goal of this plan is a new earth and a new heaven, where God will be glorified in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will be glorified by people who have been reconciled with Him through the sacrifice His Son made at calvary.

God has chosen the people of Israel to implement His plan. Salvation is of the Jews.

God's plan with Israel is like a diamond with many facets-these facets come to light and begin to shine as we examine the Scriptures.  This book will help you do this.

Through the nation of Israel, the entire world will be blessed.  This book deals with Israel's past, present and future (Israel in prophetic Biblical perspective) in store for Isreal-and other nations may share in it!

But before that time, many things must take place.  Read all about it in this book.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: From Creation to Abraham

Part 2: Coming of the Messiah - Founding of the State of Israel

Part 3:  Foundations of the State of Israel - End of Times

Exerpt from Preface:


This book deals with the promises made to Israel by the God who created heaven and earth.  God created mankind with the purpose that man would serve his God, honor and praise Him.  It was for this pupose that man was created.  Mankind could live in a so-called 'working covenant' with God.  If they would keep to the God-given conditions, they would always have a proper relationship with God.  However, due to the fall of man there came a separation between God and man.  Mankind was seduced by satan, the great opponent of God, who wants to be god as well.  After the fall, man wanted to be king himself on this earth, and not obey and serve God, However in His great love and mercy, God sought out sinful mankind and promised: "And I will put emnity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall burise your head, and you shall bruise His heel (Genesis 3:15)"

To this end, God has a plan with this world.  In order to carry it out, He uses for His service angels and people, who are created by Him.  For this, God elected an entire nation to carry out His plan through this people through which also the earth will be blessed.  This nation is Israel.  God started with this people by electing Abraham.

Written by Hendrik Schipper

Imported from Israel


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