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Understanding the Israelite-Samaritans by Carta

Understanding the Israelite-Samaritans by Carta

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The Samaritans are a small people that claims to descend from the ancient Israelites.

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Understanding the Israelite-Samaritans by Carta

The Samaritans are a small people that claim to descend from the ancient Israelites—from the biblical Kingdom of Israel, and have continued the Northern Israelite lineage and heritage. The Samaritans are associated with one of the most famous New Testament parables, known as “The Good Samaritan.” It recounts the incident of a Samaritan man who went out to aid a roadside victim, beaten, robbed, and left to die, near Jericho.

The Gospels also tell of Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well. Like Jews, Samaritans base their religion on the Torah. Their holy site is at Mount Gerizim, near Shechem, in the heart of the region of Samaria—hence their name—rather than in Jerusalem. Understanding the Israelite-Samaritans is a richly illustrated narrative of a unique community surviving despite the odds since biblical times.
  • General History
  • The Samaritans in Shechem [Nablus] and on Mount Gerizim and in Holon
  • Israelite-Samaritan Settlements in the 1st & 2nd Millennia CE
  • The Israelite-Samaritans - A Small, Special Peace-Loving People
  • The Samaritan Pentateuch
  • Special features of the Samaritans
  • Samaritan Prayers
  • Calculation of the Calendar
  • Sabbaths and Holy Days.  Sabbath Observance among the Israelite-Samaritans
  • The Seven Samaritan Festivals
  • Marqeh, a World-Class Philosopher
  • The Customs of Purity and Impurity
  • Four Clans
  • Samaritan Centers
  • Politics
  • Culture and Education
  • Samaritan Studies
  • Israelite-Samaritan Music
  • The Youth

About the Author:
Benyamim Tsedaka, born in 1944, is an Elder of the Samaritan community living in Israel and a leading figure within its ranks. His involvement in the Samaritan community and narrative is manifold. He is not only a historian, but also a choir director, head of the A. B. Institute of Samaritan Studies, and is Chief Editor of the bi-weekly newspaper A.B. The Samaritan News. He has written profusely about the historical roots, rites, and culture of the Samaritan community.

Soft Cover, 40 pages, 9 x11.75 in. (23 x30 cm)


  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Chronologies
  • Full Color

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