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Tree of Life Necklace with Crystals

Tree of Life Necklace with Crystals

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This elegant 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life is inside an outer ring and the trunk is adorned with multicolored crystals. An eye-catching and really fabulous jewelry piece with intricate detail that makes a striking addition to any outfit. Beautiful enough for that special occasion yet simple enough for everyday wear.

Additional Information

Tree of Life Necklace 

Trees are often used in Scripture as symbols of life, particularly life that is considered full. The fruitfulness of righteous people, for example, is likened to a tree filled with life (Prov. 11:30), and the fullness of life and honor is also associated with righteousness (21:21). Moreover, the Old Testament also uses trees as metaphors for the life that God gives, especially since trees remain perpetually green in the arid climate of the Middle East and thus, in a certain sense, “eternally alive” (Jer. 17:7–8).  God was, and is, the source of eternal life and blessing. 

Pendant:  11/16" Diameter
Chain:  18"

Sterling Silver

Imported from Israel

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