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The Twice-Told Tale: Parallels in the Bible - Imperfect

The Twice-Told Tale: Parallels in the Bible - Imperfect

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“It is well-known that Bible readers generally pass over the Book of Chronicles, the last book in the Hebrew Bible. All too often Chronicles is seen as merely a recap and summary of the historical books that preceded it.… This misconception leads to missing out on an important historiographic work of ancient Israel, written during a significant transition stage in the development of the Hebrew language.…”

A collation of parallel Bible texts showing the duplications, differences, and silences.

*Damage on Spine and Front Cover

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The Twice-Told Tale:  Parallels in the Bible - Carta

*Damage on Spine and Front Cover

•    A collation of parallel Bible texts showing the duplications, differences, and silences

•    Conveniently arranged for ease of study

•    Draw your own conclusions from the variant verses in the Bible

About the Collator:

 Abba Bendavid (1910–1994), was an accomplished Hebraist, whose research interests focused on the relationship of the two major strata of the Hebrew language, the earliest one preserved in the Bible, and the later one in the writings of the rabbis. He set out his findings in the important study Biblical Hebrew and Mishnaic Hebrew (Tel Aviv: Dvir 1967) [Hebrew] for which he was awarded the prestigious Bialik Prize. A man of many talents, he published articles on various subjects. In the early 1930s, he participated in mapping the Dead Sea. In 1942 he joined the British Army, serving in the 524 Field Survey Unit made up of Jewish volunteers from what was then Palestine. In 1959 he was appointed by the Hebrew Language Academy to be its language adviser to the Israel Broadcasting Authority. He was a major contributor to the stabilization of the Hebrew language by creating an extensive manual for the use of broadcasters. In his later years, Abba Bendavid served as an active member of The Academy of the Hebrew Language.

Mordechai Cogan, Ph.D., is Professor emeritus of Biblical History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He has written widely on the political and cultural connections between ancient Israel and the empires of the ancient Near East. He is the author of many studies and books.

288 pp.; 16×23.5 cm (6½×9¼ in.); b/w 


Imported from Israel

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