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The Carta Bible Atlas

The Carta Bible Atlas

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Carta brings the latest findings of biblical, historical, and archaeological research.

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The Carta Bible Atlas- Fifth Edition Revised & Expanded

The Carta Bible Atlas prides itself on detailed graphic presentation and brief texts of the historical events spanning the biblical period and beyond. Founded on the Scriptures, and aided by scholarly research, newly discovered documentary evidence and archaeological finds the authors have been enabled to bring a fresh understanding of biblical history and geography.

This fifth revised and updated edition of "The Carta Bible Atlas" brings the latest findings of biblical, historical, and archaeological research to its sweeping cartographic portrayal of biblical history.  In convenient graphic form, it depicts the vast panorama of events spanning the years 3000 B.C. to A.D. 400.  The authors have drawn not only from biblical studies but from source materials in the fields of Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, and Roman studies as well.  Worth special mention in this fifth edition are the insights into the ancient history of the surrounding areas and peoples and the important contributions to the New Testament section.  All illustrate in full detail:

  • settlements and mass migrations of populations
  • skirmishes, battles, and conquests described in the Bible
  • economic developments, trade routes, and natural resources
  • the movements of biblical characters within the Holy Land, its districts and cities
  • archaeological excavations in the Holy Land from the Stone Age, the Chalcolithic period, and the Israelite and Second Temple periods
  • the journeys of the Apostles and the growth of the Church in the first and second centuries A.D.

Anson F. Rainey added maps and discussion on contemporary subjects surrounding the biblical narrative and R. Steven Notley further enhanced this volume by extending its historical reach to include the map of Palestine at the end of the third century as recorded by Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea.

About Carta:

Established in 1958, Carta Jerusalem is Israel's foremost cartographic publisher and among the leaders in academic publications.  With special emphasis on biblical Israel and the ancient Near East, CARTA Map Bank is one of the world's largest map collections in the fields of religion, geography, history, and Israel - ancient to modern - with its unique fauna and flora. Sciences, environmental studies, medicine, and other subjects are covered on an ongoing basis, also in popular editions. 

Keeping up with fast-developing Modern Israel has been another major focus of CARTA's activities, covering every highway, road and byway, city, town, and village in great detail, many shapes and different sizes.  Touring and special guides to archaeological sites, national parks, and nature reserves are continuously being expanded.

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 232
Dimensions: 11.70 X 8.90 (inches)

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