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Shabbat Candles - White

Shabbat Candles - White

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This box contains 12 white Shabbat candles to use on Shabbat or holidays. Each candle is expertly hand-dipped and stylized with lovely drizzles of wax making them a tactile experience as well as a visual experience. Make the beauty of the Shabbat light even more special as these Safed Candles burn with a clear white flame. The dripless candles are kosher and made with care by locals of Tzfat, Israel. Bring the light of the Holy Land into your home every Shabbat.

Approximately 5.5" tall.

Additional Information

12 candles.

On the back of the package you will find the candle lighting blessing and after-lighting supplication written in English and Hebrew.

The candles burn for approximately 3 1/2 hours.
Height: 5 1/2 inches | 14 cm

Made in Israel

*Please note: Because these candles are hand-made the colors and patterns will vary slightly between candles and packages.

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