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Ready Hour

Ready Hour #10 Can: Vegetarian Taco Meat Substitute (39.86 oz.)

Ready Hour #10 Can: Vegetarian Taco Meat Substitute (39.86 oz.)

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Add Ready Hour Beans to Ready Hour Vegetarian Taco Meat for a delicious chili. Vegetarian Taco Meat with fresh vegetables makes a delicious taco salad.  Prepare delicious nachos sprinkling some Vegetarian Taco Meat on top.

Best of all, the meat comes in our #10 can that is waterproof and rodent-proof, keeping foods from going bad and lasting for years to come. Ready Hour Vegetarian Taco Meat Substitute lasts up to 10 years unopened, and one year once it is open. Store it in a cool, dry location where temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees for optimal longevity.

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Additional Information

  • 10-year shelf life unopened.
  • 4,200 total calories.
  • Product weight is 3.2 pounds.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Total water needed to cook entire #10 can is 0.5 gallons. 
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