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Prayer Shawl (28") Classic Blue/Gold

Prayer Shawl (28") Classic Blue/Gold

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Add something new to your prayer service to the Lord with this exceptional prayer shawl from the Holy Land! This flawlessly crafted prayer shawl is fabulously made from acrylic making it wonderfully lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Boasting of an attractively soft woolen finish, this classic prayer shawl features traditional style stripes in vibrant blue and shimmering gold, making this alluring prayer shawl everything you need to feel reconnected to God.

A gorgeous alternative to sheep's wool, will make an affordable choice for those who are looking to avoid using animal products or who suffer from sensitivities to allergens, giving the wearer a stress-free experience.

A splendid gift to give to someone looking to embrace authentic prayer.

28" x 72"

Additional Information

Classic Blue/Gold 

The origin of the prayer shawl lies in Numbers 15 calling for the attachment of fringes to the four-cornered garments, worn during Biblical times, as a reminder of the 613 commandments of the Lord.

Today, a growing number of Believers consider the use of a prayer shawl as most important.

Wrapping oneself with the prayer shawl is meant to assist in focusing on prayer. It is symbolic to wrapping oneself with G-d's Love as one prays.

Size: 28"W X 72"L


Made in Israel.

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