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Prayer Shawl (24") Joseph's Coat (Wool)

Prayer Shawl (24") Joseph's Coat (Wool)

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Beautiful cream colored, 100% Pure Wool Prayer Shawl. "B'Nay Or" means "Children of Light" in Hebrew. Inspired by Joseph's coat of many colors, this contemporary and colorful prayer shawl is made from pure wool. The prayer shawl will aid in making your prayers and connection to God more meaningful while you pray.
Neckband says: "Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to enwrap ourselves in tassels/fringes."
This amazing prayer shawl makes a great gift for any occasion.

100% Wool
(24" x 72")

Additional Information

100% pure wool.

Size (approx): 24"W x 72"L  

Imported from Israel

The origin of the prayer shawl lies in Numbers 15 calling for the attachment of fringes to the four-cornered garments, worn during Biblical times, as a reminder of the 613 commandments of the Lord.

Today, a growing number of Believers consider the use of a prayer shawl as most important. Covering oneself with the prayer shawl is meant to assist in focusing on prayer. It is symbolic of wrapping oneself with God's Love as one prays.


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