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Pomegranate Roman Glass Set

Pomegranate Roman Glass Set

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Represents fruitfulness, as well as righteousness.

This 925 silver pomegranate-shaped necklace and earring get has a beautiful hammered look to it. Hanging free in the center of each of the pomegranates is an amazing round piece of iridescent roman glass. Like no other jewelry set you have seen before this gorgeous and unique pomegranate set is one you'll never cease to enjoy!

The pomegranate has long been a popular motif in art and jewelry. As one of the seven Biblical species native to the Land of Israel, it symbolizes fruitfulness and bounty. According to Jewish tradition, the pomegranate also represents righteousness, since its numerous seeds hint to the 613 mitzvot/commandments of the Torah.

Additional Information

Roman Glass is a beautiful blend of colors and history, dating to over 2,000 years ago. Found mainly in Israel and unearthed during archeological digs, each shard of glass discovered contains brilliant hues of blue, green, and pink. Each remnant possesses a distinctive character and brilliance that makes each piece uniquely its own.

Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

Pendant:  1 3/8" including bale & Sterling Silver Chain:  18"

Earrings dangle:  1 1/2"

Made in Israel

*Note: To preserve the glass of your piece do not allow roman glass to come in contact with water.

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