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Mezuzah - Kotel Jerusalem Stone with Silver Shen

Mezuzah - Kotel Jerusalem Stone with Silver Shen

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Kotel is Hebrew for "The Wall"

Additional Information

Jerusalem Stone Kotel Mezuzah with Silver Shen

This Kotel Mezuzah has broken edges and has a silver Shen.

Jerusalem stone is not only the most popular building material in Israel, it is the most beautiful and meaningful in the world. For the past 3,000 years, the holy city of Jerusalem has been built and rebuilt with Jerusalem stone. In fact, the current law in Jerusalem requires all structures to be covered in this stunning ancient material, giving the city a unique and magnificent look and feel. Everything in Jerusalem, from its hotels to its supermarkets, is made from Jerusalem stone, which serves as a classic symbol to distinguish the city from all others in the world.

Known in Hebrew simply as the “Wall” (Kotel), the Western Wall is made from ancient Jerusalem stone much of which dates back to Holy Temple times. Interestingly, almost half of the Kotel’s stones are underground and invisible.

Size : 3 7/8" long X 1 3/8" wide

Imported from Israel

*Parchment Sold Separately:           Kosher Parchment       or     Non-Kosher Parchment

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