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Malachite Necklace, Earring & Ring Set

Malachite Necklace, Earring & Ring Set

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SKU: JS705

Necklace with Matching Earrings and Ring!

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Malachite Necklace, Earring & Ring Set

This set is a remarkable blend of natural beauty that makes this necklace, earring & ring set featuring stunning circular pendants inset with amazing round of Malachite stone. It's a truly amazing set that's sure to make a gorgeous gift for someone you love!

Renowned for the remarkable depth and beauty of its beautiful green shades.  All specimens of the mineral are green and range from pastel green, to a bright green, to an extremely dark green that is almost black. The Malachite stone was mined in King Solomon’s copper mines just north of Eilat Israel.  No two stones look exactly alike, so if you purchase this set it is totally unique to you! 

Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special. 

 Set Includes:

  • Malachite Stone Necklace 
  • Malachite Stone Earrings

A beautiful gift for any occasion.

Pendant (approx):  1 1/8'" including bale  
Post Earrings (approx.):  7/8"
Ring (approx.): 7/8"

Ring size:  7.5

Malachite Stone & 925 silver

Imported from Eilat Israel.


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