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Karen Davis: Songs in the Night

Karen Davis: Songs in the Night

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13 songs of Victory, Hope, and Comfort in both Hebrew and English by Worship Leader Karen Davis.

Be inspired while listening to this amazing praise and worship CD

Additional Information

Songs in the Night is a gift of encouragement. Birthed on Mount Carmel, Israel from the tensions and turmoil surrounding this embattled nation.
13 songs in both Hebrew and English

1. Al Tiru (Fear Not)
2. Hariu L'Adonai
3. Yeshua Malkeinu
4. Be Exalted
5. You Restoreth My Soul
6. Who Am I
7. You Only Are My Rock
8. Adoneinu Moshienu
9. No Eye Has Seen
10. Hodu L'Adonai
11. Your Mercy
12. Elohei HaTikva
13. Kovei Adonai
14. We've Come Together

Artist:  Karen Davis

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