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Joel Chernoff: The Restoration of Israel

Joel Chernoff: The Restoration of Israel

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12 songs performed in English this CD is a fantastic addition to your music library.
Artist Joel Chernoff , the lead singer and composer of this album, was formerly of the group Lamb, the group that pioneered the sound that has become known as Messianic Praise and Worship.

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The convergence of musical sounds and lyrics on this album will take you on a new and refreshing journey of Worship, and encourage a transformation and longing in your heart to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Restoration of Israel. 

1. The Restoration Of Israel
2. Lay Your Hands On Me
3. Blessed Be The Lord God
4. Jew and Gentile
5. To Dwell in Unity
6. Brethren My Heart's Desire
7. With God We'll Gain The Victory
8. There's A Wind That Blows
9. I Didn't Know (I Was Missing You)
10. Holy Unto You
11. Streams of Mercy
12. No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

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