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Grafted-In Olive Wood Round Box

Grafted-In Olive Wood Round Box

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Grafted In Pill / Jewelry Box.

Additional Information

Grafted-In Round Box

Grafted In Pill / Jewelry Box Round olive wood box engraved with the Messianic Grafted-In symbol. Made of Holy Land Olive Wood.

Olive Wood is a beautiful material that is mentioned many times in the Bible.

Out of great Biblical reverence, olive trees are not permitted to be cut down.  All items are made from pruning the trees which keeps them healthy.

Diameter: 1 7/8"

The grafted-In symbol is one of the earliest known Christian symbols this combined Menorah, Star of David, and Fish, represent the unity and common roots of Judaism and Christianity. It was first discovered in a small assembly room on Mount Zion 3rd Century A.D. In Romans, Paul speaks about the natural olive tree of Israel, and the grafting in of gentile believers (the wild olive) into the olive tree.

Imported from Israel

**Please note: No two olive wood pieces are identical, due to the nature of natural woods there is differences in wood color and grain . Your item may therefore not be exactly as pictured. 

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