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Grafted-In Marquise Roman Glass Earrings

Grafted-In Marquise Roman Glass Earrings

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Beautiful Grafted-In Roman Glass and sterling silver Marquise dangle earrings. These Roman glass earrings are designed in a sterling silver frame that has the grafted in symbol inside of the frame.  A piece of Roman glass forms the backdrop for this amazing ancient symbol. 

These unique earrings are suitable for any occasion. 

Made in Israel

Additional Information

Total length:  1 1/2"; Pendant measures 1" long.

At the top of the frame is a circular bale that attaches to a fishhook ear wire.  

Roman Glass is a unique material found primarily in Israel in archaeological excavations. Because of the resourcefulness of the ancient Roman Empire, the manufacturing of glass became widespread and affordable during that era. After the fall of the Roman Empire, these shards of glass were remnants of the ancient civilization that were left behind. The shards of glass have been buried in Israel's ground where environmental conditions reacted to the glass to produce dazzling colors. Archaeologists find no importance in these shards but they have become highly prized by jewelers who set quality pieces into silver jewelry.

Each shard has its own distinctive color pattern of glittering flecks, making every piece a one-of-a-kind. 

 *Please, keep in mind that Roman Glass is sensitive to moisture. To preserve this rare and ancient material, please exercise caution and avoid contact with water. 

Made in Israel

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