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From Sinai to Jerusalem - The Wanderings of the Holy Ark from Carta

From Sinai to Jerusalem - The Wanderings of the Holy Ark from Carta

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The story of the Wanderings of the Ark in the Bible, whose journey spanned more than a thousand years.

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From Sinai to Jerusalem - The Wanderings of the Holy Ark from Carta By Leen & Kathleen Ritmeyer

The wonderful story of the Wanderings of the Ark has fascinated Bible readers for generations.  It is one of the most exciting events recorded by man and vividly described in the Bible. From Sinai to Jerusalem offers a wide-ranging and possible scenario of the Ark's journeys through original photographs, interpretive drawings based on Scripture, and reconstructions based on archaeological evidence together with contemporary finds.

A rich source of reference, this handy volume provides a fount of knowledge accumulated over time for the enjoyment of the reader.  Scholars, teachers, and students may use it as a stepping stone for further reading and research. 


"Various routes have been suggested for the Ark, whose journey spanned more than a thousand years, and all texts, as does this one, still carry question marks.  For better understanding, we have provided a number of photographs of the various regions through which the Ark passed, from its construction by Bezaleel in the wilderness of Sinai to its final destination in the Holy of Holies of Solomon's Temple."

"Scholars and artists have long grappled with the intricacies of the biblical descriptions.  Over the centuries many proposals have been made in both word and picture for the Tabernacle and its artifacts.  The authors offer a wide-ranging and possible scenario with the region as a backdrop."


  • The Sojourn in Sinai and the Building of the Tabernacle and the Holy Ark
  • The Wanderings in the Desert
  • Facing the Promised Land
  • Entering the Promised Land
  • From Philistine Captivity to Kiriath-Jearim
  • David and Solomon
  • The Temple Mount Today
  • Conclusion

About the AuthorsLeen and Kathleen Ritmeyer met in 1975 on the Temple Mount excavations in Jerusalem where Leen served as site architect.  Leen holds an MA from the University of York and a PhD from the University of Manchester.  His archaeological reconstruction drawings have appeared in numerous books and journals.   He teaches at the University of Leeds in Britain and at Trinity College, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Kathleen holds a BA degree in Archaeology from the University College, Dublin.  In addition to the Temple Mount dig, she has participated in excavations in Ireland, Scotland and Israel.  She has designed audio-visual shows on the Dead Sea Scrolls and other topics.

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