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Classic Door Harp Junior (Rosewood)

Classic Door Harp Junior (Rosewood)

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Smaller than the original classic door harp this junior is made with the same expertise and care.  The door harp consists of a hollow, wooden sound box, strung with metal strings,  tuned to a chord. It is attached to the inside of the front door, and when the door is opened or closed, the glass balls bounce on the strings, creating a gentle, harmonious sound.

Handmade in Israel

Color shade:  Rosewood

Additional Information

Classic Door Harp Junior  (Rosewood)

The "Classic" door harp is reminiscent of a stringed instrument and is made from laminated poplar, which is stained and fine-finished to bring out the wood grains. Each door harp is individually handcrafted, no two are exactly alike.

  • Color shade is Rosewood
  • Top String Beads may vary
  • Hand Made in Israel
  • Dated & signed by the Artist.
  • DIMENSIONS: Height = 10.25" x Width = 6 3/8" x Depth = 7/8"

Handcrafted and imported from Israel

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