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Chai Sterling Silver Pendant (Large)

Chai Sterling Silver Pendant (Large)

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Classic large sterling silver Chai (life) pendant.

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Chai Sterling Silver Pendant - Large

Beautiful small Chai pendant is made of sterling silver and carries with it a large meaning.  The symbol Chai is comprised of two letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet, a chet (ח) and a yud (י). It means “life” as in “L’Chaim” – the traditional Hebrew toast. Chai pendants are often presented as a birthday gift for the eighteenth birthday because this word’s numerical value is 18.  

Wear it alone on a chain or use it to wear multiple pendants on a chain. Makes an amazing gift for a birthday, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or any other celebration of life.

Pendant Size including bale:  1 1/4 Inches

Imported from Israel

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