Traveler's Prayer Olive Wood Keychain

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Travelers Prayer Keychain


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Travelers Prayer Olive Wood Keychain

This keychain is created from a solid disk of 100% Olive Wood from the Holy Land.  

It is engraved with the traveler's prayer which reads:  "O Lord, protect me from all evil and harm and let me reach my destination and back to my loved ones safe and sound with your love and blessing. Amen"

In Hebrew the Traveler's Prayer is called Tefilat HaDerech, or literally a Prayer for the Road. It is the perfect sentiment for a keychain.

The olive tree could easily be seen as a symbol of the Holy Land, certainly more than any other place. It has been called “The Peace Tree” in reference to Noah and the dove, “The Tree of Righteousness” referring to Yeshua’s prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane and “The Sacred Tree” for the numerous references to using its fruit in holy anointing. The wood from the olive tree has beautiful grain patterns. It is a very hard wood and any products made from olive wood will last and last.

Imported from Israel

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