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Seeds of the Holyland (Anemone / Lily of the Field),, Messianic, Hebraic Heritage, Christian, Seeds,  MG087

Seeds of the Holy Land (Anemone / Lily of the Field)

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Seeds of the Holy Land. Anemone (Lily of the Field).



Seeds Of the Holy Land (Anemone / Lily of the Field) 

Seeds of the Holy Land. Anemone (Lily of the Field).

“Observe how the lilies of the field grow…” (Matthew 6:28)

Anemone coronaria is traditionally identified as the “Lily of the Field”. It is a widespread herbaceous perennial plant growing to 20-40 cm tall.

Flowering period: January, February, March, April.

Medicinal use: while most people grow Anemones as a flower, it is actually classified as a medical herb and used in treatments for eyes, swelling, itches and rashes.

How to grow: Anemones are easy to grow. They grow best in full to partial sun. While plants will grow in a variety of soils, they are most productive in rich, loam soils, The soil should drain well. Mix in plenty compost and well rotted manure prior to planting if possible. Mulch around the plants will help retain moisture and keep weeds down.

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