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Yair Emanuel Painted Grogger (Damaged)

Yair Emanuel Painted Grogger (Damaged)

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This gorgeous version of the popular Purim children's toy is also a real work of art!  The cheerful colorful design was hand-painted with a brush using acrylic colors, then covered with three layers of lacquer.  The noisemakers are painted in bright, bold colors. The wooden noise maker for Purim is also known as a grogger in Yiddish or Ra'ashan in Hebrew.

It is customary to make noise when reading out Haman's name during the recitation of the Book of Esther on Purim. The intention is fill the commandment of wiping out the name of Amalek, enemy of the Jews.

Imported from Israel

**DAMAGE:  On the top and handle are a few chips in the paint.  The stand has a small piece of wood missing, but it still supports the noisemaker.  There are some chips in the paint at the corners.

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Wooden Noise Maker or Grogger.

  • Size:  top is 6.5" long c 2 5/8" wide x 3/4"  thick.  Two Gears: 1.25" diameter. Handle: 5" long and 5/8" diameter.   
  • Maker:  Yair Emanuel
  • Made in Israel
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