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White Kosher Candles (20)

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Kosher candles to light weekly when ushering in the Sabbath.

20 candles (Height - 4.5 Inches /8.9 cm each)


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White Kosher Candles

This box holds sixteen pure white candles. Jewish tradition is rich with use of candles and they are an indispensable item in every home. Who has not gazed at the candles as they cast their gentle glow!? The pure dancing flames resonate with our own inner flame – the light that we kindle and keep burning throughout the week.

White Kosher table candles to light weekly when ushering in the Sabbath or for use in your Menorah.

20 candles (Height - 4.5 Inches /8.9 cm each) diameter 1/2" / 1.27 cm

* Please note that all measurements are approximate.

Traditionally the mother of the home lights the Shabbat candles. They are meant to give light and bring peace and radiance to the home for the entire evening. Usually two candles are lit; one for remembering the Sabbath and another for observing it, thus fulfilling the commandments to remember (Zachor - Ex. 20:7) and observe (Shamor - Deut. 5:11) the Sabbath. However, some add one more candle for each and every member of the household.

After lighting the candles the mother covers her eyes as she recites the blessing for lighting the candles: "Blessed are you, O Lord our G-d, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us through His Commandments and commanded us to kindle the Sabbath candles".

Imported from Israel