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Twelve Tribes Wood Wall Hanging

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This remarkable handmade wall hanging is in the shape of the Star of David.  The center has semiprecious stones and the names of the twelve tribes with corresponding stones for each. The star points are embellished with colorful semiprecious stones which adds to the unique look of this wall hanging.  Made in the Holy Land from engraved poplar, gemstones, and a layer of Perspex to protect it.

It is an excellent gift to give on any occasion and is suitable for either a home or office.

Additional Info

  • Poplar Wood & Semiprecious stones

  • Size: 7" H x 6.25" W

  • plastic overlay protects the hanging from scratches and damage. 

  • Individually cut and hand mounted in the Holy Land. The stones that we use are all semi-precious stones, specially picked and sorted to meet high standards and craftsmanship.

Made in Israel