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Tabernacle Incense (large)

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Tabernacle Incense from Shiloh. 

Burning the incense was one of the most important events in the daily Tabernacle offering. The incense was composed of eleven special spices.  The incense was placed on the golden alter inside the Hall.

The Talmud, tractate Yoma, quotes Rabbi Yehoshua ben Karcha who lived 1,000 years after the destruction of the Tabernacle:  "An old man told me that once he was walking through (the ruins of Ancient) Shiloh and he smelled the scent of the incense seeping out of its walls.  

Additional Info

To use these incense spices, put a small amount in a tart or incense burner in some water.  The tea light heats the water & spice combination and releases a wonderful fragrance. 

This incense is hand made by Issachar, a gentleman who lives in Shiloh Israel.  Issachar named his company Tuvia, after his bother who died; Tuvia means "God is Good."  Issachar studies the scriptures and ancient writings to insure the accurancy of his incense.  He has a small shop and is committed to preparing people for the building of the 3rd temple.  

Incense spices come in a jar 1 1/2" diameter & 5" high 

Imported from Shiloh Israel