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Jesus Boat

Sterling Silver 2 Sided Synthetic White Opal Grafted-In Pendant - Medium

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Messianic Grafted In pendant in sterling silver and synthetic opal with Rainbow white hues.

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Grafted-In White Opal 2-Sided Pendant

This grafted-in pendant is a beautiful and significant way to showcase your identity of being grafted-in. Featuring the sterling silver grafted-in symbols of a menorah, Star of David, and Fish - this pendant also displays a stunning synthetic Opal which is set into the piece. Two-sided sterling silver and synthetic white opal pendant.

Perfect to give as a gift to yourself or a loved one, this item will certainly be cherished for years to come.

The Grafted-In Seal is a visual affirmation of the Hebrew roots of Christianity implying their ever-lasting bond with each other. It is a symbol declaring one as a true follower of 1st Century Jewish religious practices and denotes Yeshua as the one and true Savior.

Both sides of the pendant are identical so it can be worn from either side.

Approx size 1 1/2" with bale

Imported from Israel