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Lev Shelo

Songs Of The Rabbi

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15 songs recorded in 5 days with 27 people who mostly don't know each other coming in as their schedule allows them and choosing songs they've never heard before. What could go wrong?  This CD hoped to recreate how small music teams do this every Shabbat with just a little rehearsal by keeping it simple.

This CD is dedicated to Rabbi, and those dedicated men and women of God who faithfully serve our local community daily, weekly, yearly.

Recorded in both English & Hebrew

Additional Info

People often ask, "What is Messianic Jewish worship music?" Who better than actual Messianic Jewish Rabbis to answer that question with songs that they have written? Then how about a bunch of Messianic worship musicians from around the nation invited to meet in Daytona Beach, FL, in January, 2018, to interpret those songs in a recording studio for a week?

  1. Aromeemcha

  2. Meeting You Here

  3. Open the Gates

  4. Etzokh Rukhi (I Will Pour Out My Spirit)

  5. Magnify the Lord

  6. If My People

  7. Romemu

  8. He Who Keeps Israel

  9. Shabbat, Shabbat

  10. Sound the Shofar

  11. Ruach HaShem

  12. Dawning of a New Day

  13. Messiah's Prayer

  14. Heal Our Land

  15. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (Baruch HaShem Adonai)