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Silver & Gold Plated Yemenite Shofar 53 1/2"

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Amazing Embellished Shofar

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Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Yemenite Shofar  53 1/2"

Three sterling silver sleeves adorn this beautiful, polished Yemenite Shofar.  The first sleeve is approximately  7 1/2-inch wide and is positioned near the mouth piece.  It displays an olive branch with hints of gold accents.  The second silver band is 4-inch wide, is in the middle of the shofar and has a  gold plated menorah.  The last silver band is 11-inch wide, is near the end of the shofar and has written in gold "Jerusalem" with a beautiful depiction of the city of Jerusalem over it.

This embellished shofar is 53 1/2" along the outer twist.

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Imported from Israel