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Sabbath Songs

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16 Sabbath soongs sung in Hebrew with English narration.
Various Artist such as Jonathan Settel, Effi Netzer Singers, Dudu Zaki, and more. 
Includes booklet of the song lyrics.

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Sung in Hebrew with English Narration by David Loden & Jonathan Settel.

1. Peace Be Unto You (Shalom alechem)
2. Go Forth My Beloved (Lecha Dodi)
3. May the Temple Be Built (She´ybaneh Beit Hamikdash)
4. You Are One (Ata Echad)
5. They Will Rejoice in Your Kingdom (Yismechu Bemalchutcha)
6. Shabbat Shalom Medley
7. On The Sabbath Day (Uveyom HaShabbat)
8. The Sabbath Queen (Shabbat Hamalka)
9. Songs are Pleasant for Me (Amim Zmirot)
10. Behold How Good (Hine Me Tov)
11. And They Shall See Their Sons (Vayizku Lirot Banim)
12. Let There Be Peace (Sim Shalom)
13. He That Keeps Israel (Hine Lo Yanum)
14. How Beautiful (Ma Yafit)
15. Angels of the Sabbath (Malachei Shabbat)
16. A Sabbath Song (Shir Shabbat)