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Rania Backpack/Shoulder Bag - Green Tile

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Such a versatile bag, this large backpack/shoulder bag is cleverly made in design and function. Handmade and woven beautifully by Anter Textiles.

This is an unusual, cotton blend, woven bag that is durable and washable.

This amazing bag has a dark brown background with a mixed-green block pattern.

It has two convenient pockets in the front of the bag: one zippered, the second secured with a Velcro flap for easy retrieval of items. Both pockets are adorned with decorative tassels to enhance the look.

In the back, the bag unzips the full length for maximum storage and access. Additionally, the zipper against the back allows for added protection of items in this pocket.

A wonderful bag to take on trips, give as a gift, or use for everyday errands.

Additional Info

The strap is green and can be used either as a single strap to be slung over your shoulder, or it can be unzipped to form 2 straps to be worn as a traditional backpack.  The square bottom allows the bag to stand.  The bag opens with a 14-inch zipper on the back of the bag.

On the front of the bag are two overlapping pockets.  The main pocket is 8 1/2 inches high, 6 1/2 inches wide, and 1 inch deep and closes with a triangular flap with velcro.  On the front of this pouch is a 6-inch wide zippered pocket that is flat.

It is great for shopping, traveling, and school!

Approximate Size: Length = 18 inches (46 cm); Width = 7 inches (18 cm); Depth = 7 1/2 inches (19 cm)

Strap Length Approx = 31 inches (79cm)

Handcrafted in Israel

Imported from Israel

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