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Prophecies 16-Month Biblical Calendar

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This Prophecies Calendar is a wonderful masterpiece featuring paintings by Larissa Lando depicting various biblical prophecies. It seamlessly blends art and spirituality, bringing to life the profound and beautiful visions found in scripture.

Each month of the calendar showcases a different painting, which attempts to capture the essence and significance of the prophetic event. As you flip through the calendar, you'll encounter breathtaking illustrations depicting different prophecies.

September 2023 - December 2024


Additional Info

  • Major Biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays with extensive explanation, plus major U.S. holidays
  • Scriptures in English and Hebrew
  • Dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems
  • Sabbath beginning and ending times
  • Weekly Torah, Haftarah and suggested New Testament portions, plus Holiday readings
  • Sabbath and Holiday Readings (noted on the calendar dates) are also listed in a removable chart format, good for inserting in one's Bible
  • Messianic prophecies from the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) and their fulfillment in the New Testament
  • Lovely photos, frameable
  • Hebrew Learning Materials
  • A selection of suggested Traditional and Messianic Holiday and other Blessings, in English and Hebrew
  • Other special features
  • Made in Israel

Larrisa Lando was born in Rybinsk, Russia.  She trained for many years, including college, in classical painting and eventually taught art.  Then for some time Larissa managed the Art Department at the Drama Theatre in Rybinsk.  With her husband, Larissa immigrated (made Aliyah) to Israel where she continued to fine tune her beautiful artwork.  Upon moving back to Russia, Larissa has further developed her incredible artistic.