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Prayer Shawl (20") Set - White & Blue - By Gabrieli

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This beautiful sheer white prayer shawl (Tallit) set is from the Gabrieli store in Jerusalem.  It is made of the highest quality wild silk and has a wide light blue stripe of fabric with a white flower vine pattern sewn at each end.

The Atara (neckband) is a light blue fabric sewn on and bordered in a light blue ribbon. Embroidered on the Atara (neckband) in Hebrew is the blessing, "Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to enwrap ourselves in Tzitzit".

This beautiful set is the perfect wedding gift, Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts, or any occasion.

20 x 72

Additional Info

Prayer Shawl (Tallit) Set for Women - Wild Silk - Sheer White and Blue - By Gabrieli

The set includes:

  •  tallit (prayer shawl),               
    light blue lined kippah, matching flap closure, a lined bag that is overlaid with the same fabric as the tallit.  

About Gabrieli Prayer Shawls:

Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shops, located in downtown Jerusalem, and Old Jaffa, creates hand-woven, hand-loomed tallit sets in silk, wool, amp, and cotton.  Today, Gabrieli is not just the dream of a hard-working and visionary woman, but a full-scale home for some of the best and finest Judaica artworks, worldwide, as well as the leading manufacturer of tallit and Kuzari tapestries in Israel. 

Size:  20" x 72" not including tassels

Imported from Israel