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Passover Set

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Celebrate Passover with this beautiful white and cream set that is perfect for your Passover celebration. It is made from satin, one of the finest materials and is white and cream with silver embroidery and trim.  This is a timeless choice you can use for many holidays to come.

Matzah Cover says פסח (Pesach) "Passover", Afikomen יקוֹמָן , Pillow Cover that says הלילה הזה כולם מסובין "On this night we reclined" and Towel that says ורחץ "And Washed" in Hebrew.

Matzah Cover, Afikomen, Pillow Cover & Towel

Additional Info

Passover Set:  Matzah Cover, Afikomen, Pillow Covers & Towel


  • 1 Matzah Cover that says "Pesach" in Hebrew
  • 1 Afikomen that says "Afikomen" in Hebrew
  • 1 - Pillow Cover that says "On this night we are all gathered together"
  • 1 Towel that says "And Wash" in Hebrew

Imported from Israel