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Passover Haggadah (Leatherette Cover)

Passover Haggadah (Leatherette Cover)

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A hardcover leatherette cover with gold stamping classic Haggadah.  English and Hebrew are on opposite pages and delightful artwork presents the Passover themes with vivid imagery.

Many have seen marvelous glimpses of their faith in the Passover meal. Now families and churches can celebrate God's redemption in an authentic Passover meal. The Haggadah recounts through prayer, song, and ritual the extraordinary story of Exodus when Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to wander the desert for forty years before reaching the Promised Land. 

For believers in Yeshua (Jesus), however, a Passover celebration is about so much more, for this past deliverance was pointing to a far greater deliverance that God alone could provide.


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6.50" l x 0.75" w x 9.50" h

Printed in Israel

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