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Art Judaica (08-2018) 2.40

Passover Disposable Seder Plate - Dark Blue

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A convenient way to observe Passover is with this laminated cardboard disposable Seder plate. The plate has 6 round plastic recesses built right in. Each of the Seder foods is written in both English and Hebrew.  Clean-up is a breeze with this disposable Seder plate!

Maror (מָרוֹר‎) - Bitter Herbs, z'roa (זרוֹע) - lamb shank bone, charoset (חֲרֽוֹסֶת)  pronounced har-o-set, horseradish (חזרת), beitzah (egg) (ביצה), karpas (parsley) (כַּרְפַּס)

This Seder plate is perfect for community Seders!

Additional Info

Passover Disposable Cardboard Seder Plate - Dark Blue

Diameter:    14"/ 36 cm

Maror (מָרוֹר‎) - Bitter Herbs

z'roa (זרוֹע) - lamb shank bone

charoset (חֲרֽוֹסֶת)  pronounced har-o-set 

horseradish (חזרת)

beitzah (egg) (ביצה)

karpas (parsley) (כַּרְפַּס)

 Imported from Israel