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Organic Verbena Tea

Organic Verbena Tea

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Enjoy a wonderful cup of tea with this boutique Verbena Biblical Herbal Tea Grown in the Jordan Valley.

Some of the most fascinating health benefits of lemon verbena include its ability to help with weight loss goals, protect your muscles, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, calm the stomach, reduce fevers, soothe nerves, and clear up congestion while the benefits of peppermint oil include its ability to treat indigestion, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, stomach and bowel spasms and pain.

20 Tea Bags

Best By Date:  9-25-24


Additional Information

An unusual blend of Verbena's subtle texture strong fragrance and refreshing taste. 

100% Organic
Free from Chemicals & Pesticides
Caffeine free
No added supplements
20 Tea bags

Organica Tea is a boutique Biblical herbal tea line produced by Organica Farm, Moshav Hamra, Israel. Israel's only tea leaf grower and manufacturer. 
Organica Farms - Where generations are rooted to natural cultivation. 

Imported from Israel 

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