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Olive Wood Fish Fidget Beads

Olive Wood Fish Fidget Beads

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Fish Fidget Beads

Whether on the street, on the airplane, or in a busy area downtown, you will find people playing with their worry beads in different manners, flips, and tricks, thus letting go of their daily stress and worries as one bead moves deliberately towards the other. The pleasure of the action and the clicking noise of the beads turn the overall performance into an easy motion that is reported to help ease tension.

Made of olive wood these beads are in a beautiful fish shape and strung on a durable string.

Additional Information

Olive Wood Komboloi Fish Beads

  • Fidget Beads
  • Olive Wood
  • Approx Size:  5" L 
  • Made in Israel

Imported from Israel

*Please note that due to the nature of olive wood each piece is a one of a kind due to wood tone and grain pattern.  Therefore your item may not look like what is pictured.

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