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Bethlehem Souvenir Center

Olive Wood Bowl - Large

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Olive Wool Bowl- Large

 This olive wood bowl is carved by hand from a single piece of olive wood.   Beautifully grained wild olive wood serving bowls, hand-carved by artisans in Bethlehem. These lovely bowls are some of the most stunning table bowls we've seen!

Handcrafted from wild olive wood; a heavy, dense, and beautifully grained wood.

**Please note: No two olive wood pieces are identical, due to the nature of natural woods there are differences in wood color, and grain. Your item may therefore not be exactly as pictured. The appearance of cracks in the wood is a natural occurrence of natural olive wood. 

It is important to note that no olive tree is cut down or trimmed for the purpose of producing olive wood pieces.  All olive wood pieces are hand carved from the trimmings (pruning) of the olive trees, which is essential to the health and growth of the trees.

 Dimensions Approximately: 8 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches high 

 Made in Bethlehem