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Merv & Merla Watson: Jewish Roots Bible Feast Songs

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12 songs performed in English composed and orchestrated by Messianic artist Merla Watson.

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Jewish Roots - Bible Feast Songs sung by Merv & Merla. Merv & Merla have been residents of Jerusalem for many years where they founded the International Christian Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles performed in English. 

1. Jubilee Song (Pesach - Passover)
2. Fear Ye Not, Stand Still (Pesach - Passover)
3. O That You Would Rend (Yom Teru'ach - Trumpets)
4. Tabernacle With Us Lord (Sukkot - Tabernacles)
5. God is my Strength and Power (Hanukkah - Lights)
6. When The Enemy Shall Come In (Purim - Esther)
7. Open Wide My Mouth (Shavuot - Pentecost)
8. For Out of Zion (Yom Teru'ach - Trumpets)
9. Lord of Harvest (Shavu'ot - Pentecost)
10. Blessed is He Who Comes (Sukkot - Tabernacles)
11. Pavilion of Praise (Sukkot - Tabernacles)
12. May The Lord bless You from Zion (Any Biblical Feast)