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Menorah with Crystals Necklace -Medium

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The branches and base of this attractive menorah necklace are adorned with multiple cubic zirconia chips and multicolored gemstones for the flames.  Not only will this necklace enhance your wardrobe, but makes a beautiful gift.

The word "menorah" is Hebrew for "lamp."   The menorah is one of the primary symbols of Jewish ceremonial art. The first Menorah referred to in the Bible is the seven-branched candlestick constructed for and used in the Mishkan, the Temple set up by the Jewish People in the Wilderness, after their Exodus from Egypt.

Additional Info

Menorah Necklace with multicolored gemstones for the flames

Width:    3/4"
Length:  1" including the bale
Chain:    18"

925 sterling

Made in Israel