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Matzah Cover + Afikomen Bag Set- Hand Woven by Gabrieli (Black & White & Gold)

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This beautiful hand-woven Gabrieli Passover set is a light gray with gold and silver strips through the middle and embroidered gold lettering.  The Matzah and the afikomen cover have Hebrew words embroidered in gold.

Matzah Cover and Afikomen Set

Additional Info

Hand Woven 3-Part Matzah Cover + Afikomen Bag - by Gabrieli-Rubin Ltd

  • Hand-woven
  • Matzah Cover: 18 1/2" x 17 1/2"
  • Hebrew word מַצָּה  is "Matzah"
  • Afikomen Bag:  11 x 10
  • Hebrew word אֲפִיקוֹמָן  is "Afikomen"
  • Made in Israel


Imported from Israel