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Jerusalem Stone and Silver Sea of Galilee Grafted-In Necklace

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An authentic piece of Jerusalem Stone shaped like the Sea of Galilee and framed by sterling silver. The stone is embellished with a sterling silver Grafted-In symbol.

This lovely pendant with chain is the perfect tribute to Yeshua and His ministry. The Jerusalem Stone is in the shape of the Sea of Galilee, the location of His ministry, and is embellished with the Messianic Seal (Grafted In).

Makes a wonderful gift!

Additional Info

Jerusalem Stone and Silver Sea of Galilee Grafted-In Necklace

  • Pendant Dimensions (approx): 3/4" x 1 1/4"

  • Chain Length: 20" box chain

  • Made in Israel
  • Please Note: Jerusalem Stone is a natural product so color and shape may vary.

The emotion-provoking phase “Jerusalem of Gold’ comes to life when wearing jewelry made from Jerusalem Stone. For 3000 years the Holy City of Jerusalem has been constructed from a limestone referred to as Jerusalem Stone. It is said that Jerusalem is made of gold from the glow of the setting sun on the lightly colored stones, creating a golden-hued reflection. Even today all buildings in Jerusalem from synagogues to grocery stores must be clad in the magnificent stone. It gives the city a warm and special feel, just as it does this pendant.

Imported from Israel