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Jerusalem Cross Roman Glass Necklace

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This beautiful sterling silver Jerusalem cross has openings near the ends of the main cross with a floral design in each opening.  In the center is a 3/8 inch frame with a piece of Roman Glass at the center.  Christian symbols are moving declarations of faith in the ministry of Jesus Christ. The most widely known symbol of Christianity is the Cross.  The Jerusalem Cross consists of one large square cross and four smaller crosses. The main cross represents Christ and Jerusalem, the beginning and center of Christianity. The four smaller crosses symbolize the four books of the Gospel and the spreading of the Word from Jerusalem to the four corners of the earth. 

Roman Glass was produced by the ancient civilizations of the Holy Land approximately 2000 years ago. Discovered in archeological sites throughout Israel, each piece of Roman Glass has endured the wind and weather to form the unique colors and textures seen on each piece today. Like an individual’s spiritual journey, each piece of Roman Glass is shaped by its own passage through the Holy Land. This makes each piece of Roman Glass Jewelry a very special one-of-a-kind piece.

Additional Info

Pendant 1"

Sterling Silver Chain 17" with 2" extender

*Please note, the color of glass may vary. 
*Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

*Roman Glass does not like water.
Please do not get your Roman Glass wet.

Made in Israel.